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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Money with Inbox Dollars

I joined Inbox Dollars in March of 2010 because I am on a mission to get back to the way I originally started to make money online - by completing surveys and offers on GPT sites. I'm so thankful that I came across Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars is an easy survey system that I came across that will help you to quickly get the hang of survey sites and begin to make money online.

The great thing about Inbox Dollars is that there is a $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining. This was a huge perk for me because I love sites that help you to make money right away just by signing up. After registering with Inbox Dollars on their website I received a confirmation link that I had to click on to verify that I had given them the correct email address.

After clicking on the link I was taken back to the Inbox Dollars website and offered the opportunity to start to make money right away by completing my profile. There were also other survey opportunities available on my dashboard page that paid anywhere from $0.50 up to $40.00 and I was able to start completing them right away. Naturally I started to complete my profile, complete surveys and clicking on offers.

Inbox Dollars is a site that is really easy to use. I had a really easy time getting a sense of the format of the site and it was really simple to just click and fill out the surveys. The directions that they gave on the site were very clear and thorough. After reading through the directions, I felt very confident that I could follow their simple steps and start to make money right away by completing surveys.

Another great feature of Inbox Dollars is that you can make money by doing more than just filling out surveys and completing offers. Inbox Dollars will pay you to play games, shop, and refer your friends and family to their website. Once you sign up you can email your referral link to your friends and family. You will also receive daily emails from them that pay you just for confirming that you read their emails. You will also be invited to complete money making surveys that match your unique profile. Inbox Dollars really is a simple way to make money online.

For more information on Inbox Dollars please visit their website by clicking here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lesson #1

Okay, I learned a bit lesson this weekend dealing with Freebie sites. Freebie sites is kind of like GPT sites only it's...well different. I'm sure you've seen freebie sites before. They're the ones that say, "Get a free laptop." Then you are directed to fill out offers to get credits and after that you have to refer like 7 people to that site to do that same thing that you did and then you will get that laptop.

Sounds illegitimate and too good to be true. But this is really a good and true opportunity. To not go all out into the long drawn out discussion about this, I got involved in doing this. There are people that will actually pay you to be their referral and complete offers so they can get their freebie. I went green on a few sites and made about $50. Then I decided to go ahead and green on four more sites in one day. BIG PROBLEM. I would never recommend that anyone do this. I completed these offers and then was accused of fraud by the site owners. It is all one big mix-up because I have Cricket Wireless as my internet service provider and they do not assign a single IP address to each customer. Each time that I log into the internet I have a completely different IP address. I don't know why that is, but because of that I think that it is affecting my offers crediting on some GPT sites as well. I am not halting doing GPT offers and focusing on doing surveys on Inbox Dollars and other survey sites that come to my inbox. I am afraid that I will put a lot of time into these things and not get credit because of this stupid IP address issue. So in the end this weekend I lost $50. That sucks.

I am going to be changing to Cox Communications hopefully within the next few weeks and that will help resolve the whole IP problem because I will have a unique IP address. Please learn from my mistake and check with your internet service provider that you have a unique IP address prior to starting GPT, survey, or freebie sites.

My Progress

Wow, things have been busy. I have been signing up for survey sites let and right. I'm also really starting to think about how I want this blog to be. So let's start with the first statement.

I have signed up for at least 20 or more survey sites and I am making some money at it. The thing is that I am not organized at this point...which is a downfall and I can't tell you where all of my money is. I have money spread all over the place from sign up bonuses and earnings. My goal this week is to get things organized. That should be easy since I am on Spring Break.

One thing that I am going to do is create a spreadsheet to keep track of the survey sites that I work on each day and also to keep track of how much time I spend doing each site and the amount of money I make on each site, and which offers I do on each site. That was a long sentence...I know. But I really need to do that for two reasons:

1. I am realizing that when I do certain GPT sites not all of my offers are crediting. Yup, you read that right. Sometimes that just happens and I don't know why. But I'm going to start keeping track better so that I need to I can dispute those things and get my money if they don't credit by filing a non-credit request with that individual GPT company.

2. I'll know how much money I am making each day.

Okay, and the other thing that I decided that I am going to start really paying attention to is how I layout and come across in this blog. There are so many GPT sites out there that just list the names of different GPT and survey sites and then ask you click on their banners or referral links. That's a way to make money (through referrals) but I want to be so much more than that. So I plan on sharing my successes and failures with GPT sites, telling you which ones work and how to make money on them, and also sharing information about my life.

Hope you'll stay with me through the journey.